Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to improve your websites and Articles with Google Earth

Google Earth Download  Google Maps, Sky, Moon, Ocean

I use this free application all the time!

It looks good and the amount of stuff you can add to your article is great.

How to use Google Earth Download to your advantage

Most articles could do with added visual aids.

Writing history and travel articles would be so much better with a map and street directions. With Google Earth you can add Google Maps and Google Street View to your pages free.

Writing about Health issues of any kind is made so much easier with Google Body Download too. Just add the area of the body you are writing about to your website.

There are so many uses for Google Earth that you really should check it out here

Google Earth 6 is now available free to all online writers.

Have you used Google Maps and Google Street View on your articles yet?

When writing about holidays you can add this feature so your readers can automatically travel to this place online instantly!

But what about if you write articles about travelling to Mars or the Moon and even distant galaxies. Yes giving your readers the ability to leave and travel from their laptop can be done too by adding Google Sky, Google Mars and Google Moon

I have a demonstration here of all these things above on awesome videos

Click below to have a look!

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