Friday, March 10, 2017

How to add a Google Translator Toolbar on your Blog

Google Translator Toolbar attracts readers to your blogs and websites from all over the world.

Why? Because they can translate your blogs and read your posts in their own language 

The Toolbar is on this blog on the far right.  Have a look..............  

Looks cool and awesome!  

Add it to your blog and it will definitely earn you more money too.


Writing blogs and articles on your websites is only part of the process of earning money online.

You have to do all you can to attract readers to your blogs and websites. When you build up a good following and have enough interested readers then you will start to see your writing earn you money.

A very good way of getting more readers and followers is to put the HTML of the Free Google Translator Toolbar onto your blogs and websites.

Google Translator Toolbar

Any reader who is not using the language that your blog or website is written in can easily with the click of the arrow change all your text into their own language. 

If you put the Google Translator Tool on to your blog or website it can be read in one of 52 different languages instantly. That is a lot of extra readers and followers for your writing. 

So to get an easy and quick way to add the toolbar to your blogs and websites

How to add Google Translate Toolbar to Blogs and Websites

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